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    Retro Rides Gathering 2012 19th August 2012 .. in UK :)



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    Retro Rides Gathering 2012 19th August 2012 .. in UK :)

    Bericht  HoTWire op wo apr 18, 2012 10:50 pm

    Hey guys (and gals) I'm just loving your rides, so much greatness on here.

    I already told Kevve about this in the hopes he will come to the UK with his awesome BMW, but I thought I'd throw this up on here for anyone else that may be interested in coming to the best show in the UK Very Happy .. for the main website. .. our facebook where most of the news and announcements go

    What you want to know is what it's all about, seeing as you'd have to travel over water to get here... well .. should show you some photos Wink .. and this guy did a video from last year's event

    Expect everything, old cars, hot rods, track cars, customs, rat, show,.. everything.

    We've got a group of about twenty guys coming from Netherlands, some coming from France, some from Germany, I think even one from Finland.. be great to see some Belgian representation with your fancy rides Wink

    Speak to Kevve about coming over, I made him an offer Smile


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    Re: Retro Rides Gathering 2012 19th August 2012 .. in UK :)

    Bericht op do apr 19, 2012 12:31 am

    Hi David!

    Good job on posting this here!
    we'll keep you posted!


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